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Message  Reiji le Sam 19 Avr - 16:25

Source :見上げてごらん

J'ai traduit le texte avec GOOGLE TANSLATE.

Le voici :

    Look at the heavens

Look at the heavens, the "Weekly Shonen Sunday" in 2005 from No. 16 to No. 45 in serial form in 2006, the comic work by Bright草場road. Based on tennis. 77 stories, all 8 volumes.

Kendo recommendation St.遊沢了crest of the high school entrance, but the tennis department to department. Tennis了know nothing at all about, but the amazing talent show signs of a fully meritocratic (one of five from leaf to leaf, leaves school year, regardless of what is rather high), tennis club in the position to improve.

St. crest high school
Active in high school activities are part of the prestigious tennis club is one of the best schools nationwide.
遊沢了(RYOU gruel ZAWA)
First graders. Trifoliate. Hero. Kendo power was turned tennis. The positive nature of the people around it is at the mercy of inconvenience, resulting in a good mood affect manufacturers. Toss a high, the body's spring using the weapon hit the fast serve. Flat imperceptibly to learn to drive.
Fuji Maru Shimizu (SHIMIZU whole wistaria)
First graders. Trifoliate. I play tennis from the age of 5, but timid kingmaker for the power game. But了meet in a round Fuji something has changed. Three years in a four-leaf.
早坂飛燕(HIEN Saka Haya)
First graders. Four leaf. Naka Tamotsu quarterfinals of influential people. Tennis started from the elementary school, and then catch the train from SUPINPUREI excel at.
Katsura (wig)
Sophomore. Five leaves.遊沢eye early in the same person over and serve, ground strokes, which is why the perfect volley FEDERA known as the Kanto region.
Third grade. Five leaves. Captain. Power players. He hit a serve is too fast in the eyes aspects.
Yousuke Hata (Sue You loom)
Third grade. Five leaves. A leading national player of spin.早坂飛燕goal is a player.
Hagiwara (straw stripper)
Third grade. Five leaves. Return your opponent's ability to counter a player. Good-natured personality, but that tends to run from late juniors
Ray village Qing (KIYO uneven REI)
Sophomore. Five leaves. Study Abroad in the United States. Opponent's data-intensive game play. With outstanding control. The game is a racket outside咥Oh lower lip.
Tanaka (in the bottom)
Sophomore. Trifoliate. One leaf spring until two years were influenced by遊沢exchanged trifoliate to win the game. Miss picked up the ball to the opponent's SHIKORATAIPU wait for a baseliner.
溝黒(sleety Black)
Sophomore. Two years in the five-finger onto kingmaker. Have legs, but not have much stamina.
Kato (KATOU)
Sophomore. Trifoliate. Department supervisor. Fuji Maru, according to the center's NETTOPUREI PUREISUTAIRU.

First graders. Naka Tamotsu早坂breaking in, and win. Previously, the soccer team's ace striker.起しhit by the body to ensure a broader perspective,狙えるcourse.
Yokoyama (KOYAMA.)
Third grade. Captain Okutama high school. Qin leaves five times a kingmaker undefeated.
Both handed in for a very Iku Hiroshi fielding range, and beat both transverse slice bounce can divide.

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